1. Had a blast on sunday-paper's podcast BEGINNING MIDDLE END.

  2. Producing a film via Tinder/SMS/Instagram (Guess who’s on what???). Hang Loose. January 2014.

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  3. Here’s to a chill weekend.

  4. 🌲

  5. 💛

  6. CREEP’s going to be playing this year’s Nevada City Film Festival. These guys have always been so supportive of my stuff and I’m honored to have the film play there.

  7. They are going to play CREEP at this festival next month.

  8. My first tape (before Hammer Don’t Hurt’em). @gnome_life seek this one out its amazing, seemed up your alley.

  9. "I’m gonna do something, something big!" (at Watts Towers)

  10. I can’t tell if this is fun for him.