1. My Mom = Hippie Robert Mapplethorpe

  2. So the big news this week is our film CREEP got picked up by The Weinstien Company’s RADiUS-TWC. Not only that, the film will now serve as the first part of a Trilogy.

    There were some articles here and here and here about the sale.

    Also there was some nice reviews of the film here and here and here.

  3. geeksofdoom:

    Adam takes a look at ‘Creep.’ written, directed, and starring Patrick Bice, and co-starring Mark Duplass.

    SXSW 2014 Review: Creep

  4. Headed home after a crazy week. Thanks to SXSW for such an insane and wonderful experience.

  5. Last nights premiere of CREEP was hands down amazing. I couldn’t go to sleep last night my head was spinning. Thanks @lynsayrichardson @friendofdurutti @katemclean22 @creeepycrawler @lafleurjennifer @partridgeross @holafidel @carsonmell @jojowiles for sharing it with me.

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  8. tedduardo sent over a couple shots from the set of HANG LOOSE earlier this year.

  9. First draft of THE STATE OF THINGS film journal. Designed by @__rinko edited by me and featuring articles by some of my favorite artists + friends.

  10. #tbt HANG LOOSE with some talented (and attractive) dudes. @spardocus @omgdlb @samharkham @rielrochd